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IP Phones

IP Phones

E-Smith Telecom can provide Internet phones for your business (office, hotels, etc.) or public areas (cafe, restaurants, lobby, etc.).

Internet phones will work anywhere there is internet access (wireless or wired). There is no need for a telephone line. E-Smith Telecom 's IP network can work with H.323 or SIP signaling protocols.

Javascript enabled Internet phones will allow you to add various applications onto the phones. These applications may be any javascript based games, or online sites to obtain stock market quotes, etc.

IP Centrex
Centrex type services are also available:

  • Call forward
  • Call hold and retrieve
  • Call park and pickup
  • Call status per line
  • Call waiting
  • Calling Line Identification
  • Directory dial
  • Distintive ring
  • Recent dial list
  • Web services access from phone
  • And more...

IP Voicemail and Unified Messaging is also available. The Unified Messaging feature will take the voicemail file and send it to your email server. Thus, your voicemails will appear in our email inbox. You can click on the email and it will play your voicemail messages.



E-Smith Telecom can provide kiosks for hotels, restaurants, cafe's, shopping malls, other public access locations.

No capital expense.

Profit sharing arrangement.

Receive revenues on every minute used to surf the internet, send/receive emails, place telephone calls.

Receive revenues for selling advertising on IP kiosks.

Kiosks play video recorded advertisements. Place your home page as the default. You can promote your brand with your own logo, your company name.

  • Advertise
  • Surf the Internet
  • e-mail
  • Digital photos
  • Buy pre-paid telephone cards
  • Make phone calls
  • Download content to memory cards
  • Upload pictures and print them

Very flexible to meet customer needs.

Stand alone or wall mount units available.

Calling Cards

Calling Cards

E-Smith Telecom will create customized prepaid cards for your business.

It's a great marketing tool.

Generate point-of-sale revenues

30% margin on each card sold.

Printed with your company name, design and logo.

English and Japanese print available.

Prepaid IP Phones & ATA's

Prepaid IP Phones

E-Smith Telecom can also provide prepaid IP Phones and Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA) bundled with a block of minutes to make local and long distance telephone calls.

Resellers can resell this service with minimal customer service and minimal billing and collections, since its pre-paid. After customers use up their block of minutes, they can re-charge their block of minutes by prepaying.

Customers benefit by the low cost of an IP Phone or ATA bundled with the ability to make long distance calls at discounted long distance rates.

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